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Building a community of people helping each other to be successful!


  • Integrity: We do what we say

  • Collaboration: When approached, we share all we know to help each other to be successful

  • Resilient: We are continuously learning to adapt and thrive

  • Equality: Everybody has an equal opportunity

  • Open-minded: We accept and listen to everybody’s ideas

  • Coachable: We are willing to change

  • Teachable: We are continuously learning how to be successful

  • Trustworthy: We do not mislead and take advantage of others

Special Events

Wholesale Workshop Online


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Do you want to learn about wholesaling?

Basic of Wholesaling Real Estate: Find a great deal on a property, Find a buyer for the property and Assign the contract to the buyer.

Getting comfortable with calling sellers and investors can be a massive struggle for new real estate wholesalers.

Understanding how to find motivated sellers.

Come to our workshop and learn how to talk to get the deal done.

Upcoming Events

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