Divya Nair

Text: 425-465-5124

Divya is working to change her life by changing her vision of what she can do so she can help people do the same.

Divya Nair has lived in India, Oman, Harrisburg, PA, and Seattle. She has worked as an Administrative Assistant, Apple Technical Specialist, and more currently as a Network Engineer.

Divya’s life changed after reading the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2020 when it made her realize she didn’t have to be stuck to a W2 job till retirement and may be able to afford a life then. Since then, she has sought out financial education, ways to create passive income, and is still on her journey towards her dream to retire in 10-15 years.

Divya has three degrees from Bellevue College:

  • BAS in Information Systems & Technology: Cyber Security & Systems Administration, ’20

  • Associates in Applied Science in Network Services & Computing Systems, ’18

  • Associates in Arts & Sciences, ’14